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Van Locks and Security Devices

We supply and fit locking systems and security solutions tailored to your van and requirements. Located in Central Scotland.


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Upgrade Your Van Security

Van thefts and break-ins are constantly rising – protect your van, your tools and your livelihood with security solutions from Van Security Scotland.

Tradesmen and companies are affected in various ways by van theft – tools will need to be replaced out of their own pocket, vans will need to be repaired, effectively putting them off the roads for days or even weeks. Work will be lost and /or handed to other companies. Time has to be spent on sorting out replacement tools, insurances, banks etc which adds to the stress already experienced from the theft.

Research shows that van theft increased by over 30% this year and the value of stolen goods increased by over 40%. Every 23 minutes on average a van gets broken into, over half of builders in the UK have been the victim of van theft and the rate is increasing.

So, how can we protect you and your earnings from becoming victims of van theft?

Van security measures from Van Security Scotland.

We offer additional security solutions to protect vans and their contents which are often worth 1000s of pounds.
Fitting of additional deadlocks, replacing existing locks with high security ones, security bars and other locking solutions minimise the risk of the van getting broken into. Van alarms and van CCTV systems offer another level of security.

With the average tool theft totalling around £1600, additional van security is definitely the cheaper option at ca. £200 per additional deadlock. Lower insurance premiums are possible but the most convincing factor is the peace of mind, knowing that your tools and your livelihood are protected.


Why Choose Us?

We offer an all-round approach – we do not just fit locks but can advise and supply additional security systems as well like alarms, CCTV, tool cages etc.

Our approach comes from our background within the security sector and not from a mechanic’s point of view – we’ve got the experience and knowledge to keep your belongings safe.

We supply and fit locking systems and security solutions tailored to your van and requirements.